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Perfect Hydroponics Mobile gardening Application

Perfect Hydroponics was designed and developed for hydroponic gardening. The application gives you the ability to document up to 6 individual gardens at a time and keep all of that information organized in one user friendly mobile application. Imagine having an application that allows you to meticulously document and organize your hydroponic garden’s information on a day to day bases over a 120 day period and give you the tools to easily retrieve that information for quick and easy review.

The days of trying to remember what happened on a specific day or trying to remember what nutrient strength and atmospheric conditions your plants were thriving in are over. Who wants to continually re-invent the wheel when you can very quickly review your notes from your last garden on that specific day and make the proper adjustments? With Perfect Hydroponics you will be on your way to becoming a master hydroponic gardener and know exactly what your garden needs or what you have already tried in-order to remedy any issues that might have come up.

How convenient would it be to jot down all your notes and have them organized in a hydroponic gardening application instead of writing things down on random pieces of paper or your grow room wall. Let’s face it, most everybody has a mobile device if not several. You have your phone in your pocket and you’re in your garden, you have tried something that is working and you want to be able to save that information so to duplicate it in future gardens. You pull out your phone and open Perfect Hydroponics and fully document the situation at hand, no need to try to remember, you now have information about your garden that will be readily available for review during your next garden cycle.
Perfect Hydroponics gives you all the tools to help you succeed in the palm of your hand. The application will organize up to six individual gardens with all your notes, in-put data, pictures and much more.
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